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AR Drone Helicopters Augmented Reality Games




The Parrot AR. Drone Augmented Reality Games feature is unlike any other. Software designers have the capability to take advantage of the birds eye view, provided by the wide-angle camera on the AR. Drone to create these type of games. Depending on the type of applications that the user downloads for the AR. Drone, an entire world of video gaming opens up. For example, a user can take part in a race around the park, or with augmented reality battle to save the planet. A device has the ability to detect if other AR. Drones are in the area as well.

The wide-angle camera still streamlines the live video feed, while partaking in the augmented reality feature. In addition to detecting another AR. Drone in the area, there is a multi-player setting in which users can team up, or battle against each other, depending on the applications and games that are downloaded. Solo games include "Drone War" in which you fight against virtual reality AR. Drone and try and defeat them. In the "Robot" game, a user competes against a machine that shoots at the Drone, while the user flies creatively to avoid being struck. The feature of multi-player creates an aerial assault between two AR. Drones. Your AR. Drone is able to seek out the magnetic beacon of the other AR. Drone This is an unprecedented feature that is made possible in augmented reality games.

Parrot AR Drone Augmented Reality Games create a unique entertainment experience every time the user launches it into the air. The environment for inside and outside allow for use of the wide-angle camera, to create real time imaging for both solo games and multi-player.

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