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How AR Drone Helicopters Work




As with any new piece of technology, many questions have been asked about how the Parrot AR.Drone works. The AR.Drone is one of the most significant leaps in entertainment technology, as well as the field of augmented reality. The new device is a combination of several existing technologies, produced in a revolutionary way. The combination of rotors, computers, cameras, and sensors has made this device a hit amongst people holding a variety of interests, be it an interest in aviation, technology, or just the coolest new gadgets available on the market.

The AR.Drone works by through a variety of technology combinations. The body is made from a carbon fiber, as well as a mixture of highly durable plastics. The quadricopter rotary has four high powered rotors to lift the device into flight. The device it self has a built in Linux computer, as well as a Wi-Fi processor for interfacing with the control device - an iPhone or an iPod touch. Two cameras are included in the device, each with its own purpose. One camera helps the AR.Drone function by determining speed, location, and other important information for the on board computer, while the other camera gives a live feed to the user through their Apple device.

The Parrot AR.Drone is powered by a lithium-ion polymer battery, which will keep the entire rig flying despite its many electronic devices. The on board USB slot will also feature upgrades and expansions throughout the life of the device, creating a fully functional, dynamic quadricopter that will not grow to become obsolete in any near future.

The Parrot AR.Drone works through the use of gyroscopes, accelerometers, and a Microelectromechanical system. These devices, backed by the built in Linux based computer, force the device into operation with the simple use of your Apple device. The iPhone or iPod will control steering, take off, landing, and other functions to be performed by the AR.Drone - including Reality Video Games.

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