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Camera Views On AR Drone Helicopters




The cameras designed for this device are very unique, and the Parrot AR. Drone Helicopter Camera Views on the iPhone provide the user with an automated piloting experience like none that has come before. Due to the fact that the AR. Drone has its own WiFi network, the iPhone needs to only connect to have access. The accelerometer of the iPhone allows for the user's movements to control the AR. Drone. For example, A forward movement would correlate to the AR. Drone moving forward.

The Helicopter Camera View on the iPhone comes from the second camera, with the wide angle lens, giving the appearance that the user is in the cockpit piloting. The Camera distributes a live feed, that is displayed on the screen of the iPhone in real time. The Camera view illustrates the environment that the AR. Drone is in, whether it be inside or outside. This camera is situated at the front of the AR. Drone which allows for the point of view access.

The real time video that is streamlined from the AR. Drone to the users iPod, has opened the door for remote controlled piloting into the gaming world. The Camera Views on the iPhone shows the "augmented reality" feature of the AR. Drone as well. This is a feature that incorporates the video gaming world, with the reality around. The software in the AR Drone is used, and displayed on the users iPhone from the second camera that shows the video game in real time. This however, is dependant upon the applications that have been downloaded. For example, the "Drone War" video game is streamlined from AR. Drone camera, to the iPod and played as the user competes in the game. The AR. Drone Helicopter Camera Views on the iPhone creates a very entertaining experience for the user.

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