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How Much Are AR Drone Helicopters




Since the device has yet to be released, there are still many asking how much is the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter. There has yet to be an official pricing, so all information currently released is purely speculation. While many have thrown about their opinions or ideas about how much the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter will cost, all must keep in mind that there is no official price. This fact is one we must assert, as we do not wish to cause any confusion.

Many are of the opinion that the Parrot AR Drone will cost between $300 and $600 dollars, depending on where it has been purchased. This is completely speculatory, and there has been no confirmation or rebuttal by Parrot. The only pricing information that has yet to be released of early January is the $1,200 dollar Game Developers Kit. This kit is not open to the general public, and is, so says Parrot, not a general inclination of the retail price. The developers kit will allow game designers to rent a helicopter and license the development tools in order to create new games for the Helicopter.

Since the product is meant to be released in 2010, we should know soon how much the Parrot AR Drone will cost. We will track the pricing and release dates until they are announced to all, so continually check back as we will undoubtedly update the progress of this most amazing piece of technology.

* September 2010 - The Parrot AR Drone is currently being sold and shipped through

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