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How To Steer AR Drone Helicopters




After purchasing your Drone, you will want to learn how to steer the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter. This is as simple as using any application on your iPhone or iPod touch. When activating the device, you will launch the application that correlates to the AR.Drone. Activating the application will automatically start the take off procedure, which will cause the quadricopter to hover in place one meter above the ground, as determined by the built in camera.

Steering the AR Drone Helicopter is as easy as tilting and touching your iPod or iPhone. To move the device left or right, you will have to tilt your phone in that direction. The built in accelerometer will determine the rate at which to move. Up and down movement works the same, pulling the phone up and down to force the chopper to ascend or descend. Rotating the device can be accomplished by using the touch screen and swiping in the direction you wish the device to rotate. The iPhone even carries command buttons to enter certain movements.

To Steer the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter, the device will be connected to your Apple device through the use of a Wi-Fi connection. Though bound by the range and clarity of the connection, steering the AR Drone remains safe and simple. The movements can be performed by any one who would use the device, regardless of age or technological experience. Due to its stabilizers, accelerometers, gyros, and sensors, the AR Drone is very easy to pilot and steer. With the heads up display powered by the iPhone and iPod application, navigation is a breeze, regardless of where the device is being flown.

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