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Controlling AR Drone Helicopters




Controlling the Parrot AR Drone is a fun and unique experience for any user. Using either an iPhone or the iPod Touch, the accelerometer feature on both allows the movements demonstrated to correlate with the AR. Drone. This is made possible by the AR Drone's own WiFi Network. Therefore, a simple connection of either the users iPhone, or iPod Touch, is all it takes to achieve control over the AR Drone. From there, your unit is turned into an unparalleled piloting station in the world of remote control and video gaming.

The AR Drone can travel up to 11 miles per hour and can achieve a height of roughly 20-25 feet. An autopilot feature is also offered for a simple take off and a soft landing. The autopilot automatically kicks in one meter above the ground. Moving the AR. Drone forward, backward, left, and right, is controlled by the movements of the user operating the iPod Touch or iPhone. A slight movement titled forward and your AR Drone will respond. If you move your hands left and right like you were steering a car, the AR. Drone will react according to your movements.

The Parrot AR. Drone can be controlled in both inside and outside environments. A special hull for that allows for win penetration and optimum movement was created for the outside environment. Conversely, a hull goes over the propellers to protect the AR. Drone from obstacles inside. Auto pilot also takes into effect should the WiFi connection be lost. The autopilot in mid-flight permits a stationary flight from the AR. Drone. Whether you are technologically savvy or not, the AR Drone can be easily controlled with simple motions.

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