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What is the range of the AR Drone Helicopter?




AR Drone has become the hottest remote control helicopter in 2010 and continues to amaze its users by its ease of use and flight capabilities. There have been many questions about the range of the AR Drone Helicopters. You will be amazed by the AR Drones flight range and its ability to weave in and out of objects with no interference what so ever. The AR Drones range depends on its operating environment. In a clear open space it can operate in average of 50 meters / 160 feet, which in the remote control world is incredible.

Using Wi-Fi as its wireless source of controlling it can not only fly long distances but can also reach heights that are unique for its capabilities. AR Drone not only can travel 160 feet away it can also can hit speeds up to 11 MPH and reach heights of 20 to 25 feet.

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