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One feature of the Drone that is positively mind blowing is that of the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter Multiplayer Games. Since the device is linked to your iPod or iPhone, you will several graphical, Augmented Reality games at your disposal. While most of them are single player, there are several that will allow multiple players to enjoy the games together.

The built in computer that powers the Parrot Drone Helicopter Multiplayer Games operates through the Linux OS. Linux is one of the most mutable of all operating systems, so the games are guaranteed to be as powerful, thoughtful, and well designed as possible, considering the limitations of size. A built in USB port will allow upgrades and expansions to be delivered unto the device over the Internet. The built in Wi-Fi will also allow for connectivity, though the USB cable will prove ever valuable.

The primary Parrot AR Drone helicopter multiplayer game will pit two friends or acquaintances against one another in a dog fight. Through the use of the cameras and the built in software, you will be able to play games against one another in a friendly competition. In the game, the two players will have to fight for air superiority, using their wit, maneuverability, and control over the Drone as their ally.

Since only a small number of games will be available upon release, new games will have to be added as time goes on. The number of expansions has yet to be determined, as with the release date. Time will tell where this product grows.

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