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Where To Buy AR Drone Helicopters




Unfortunately, Parrot has not released any solid information about where to buy the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter. Though they have just barely released videos and details about the product, Parrot has announced a less than definitive release date of sometime in 2010. It is expected that they will release pricing and location for the purchase when the time comes that they supply a definitive release date.

Some have suggested, and again this is not a fact, that will be one of premier sellers of the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter. already sells other parrot wireless devices, such as bluetooth sets for cars, as well as wireless speakers that can link directly into your iPhone or iPod. is regularly selling high quality products, not the least of which are Parrot devices.

There is still no definitive information on where the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter will be sold.

* September 2010 - The Parrot AR Drone is currently being sold and shipped through

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