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Fly AR Drone Helicopters Inside




Though built to fly free, you will see many people flying the parrot AR Drone helicopter inside. While many would assert that the chopper is flown safest out doors, the AR Drone has been designed with durability and safety in mind. With full control over the device, the drone's innate stability, and the optional extra hull, your AR Drone will fly as safe in doors as it will outside.

The carbon composite materials that the quadricopter was designed with are meant to make flying the parrot AR Drone Helicopter indoors completely safe for your investment. The plastic polymers are like no other plastic you may have met before, as even against a sharp blow to the rotor will not cause damage. This is due in part to the safety systems integrated into the device. Sensors in the rotors will determine whether or not an impact has occurred, and will automatically shot off the rotor that had taken the hit in order to prevent breakage.

Flying the AR Drone inside is easy enough, as you will full control over the device, without having to worry about the weather or damage from someone elses actions. With indoor control, you will be able to have quick fun without worrying about damage from an outside source or a depleted battery. Flying the Drone inside is one of the primary purposes of the device it self, as outside flight may not always be tenable.\

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