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What Comes With The AR Drone Helicopters




After reviewing what the Parrot AR. Drone is, you may be wondering what exactly comes with the AR. Drone Helicopter. This device is the first of its kind and is a concept that is sure to change the way the gaming world is played, and the was remote control technology is made. The features of this unit are unparalleled in the field of augmented reality.

The device itself is complete with two types of cameras. The first is a wide angle lens that captures the surrounding environment that the AR. Drone is in. This gives the Pilot a visual that makes piloting simple. The second camera is a high-speed camera that projects a live, real-time feed. This allows the pilot, whether amateur or expert, to pilot the AR. Drone with ease.

The AR. Drone is designed to fly in an assortment of environments both inside and outside. To compensate for flying inside, the inventors developed a special hull that is put over the propellers in order to protect the AR. Drone from damage. Flying outside presents a new set of obstacles for the AR. Drone, so creators implored a hull that reduces wind friction to create maximum maneuverability and control. The hulls are an intricate part in the design of the AR. Drone.

The Parrot AR. Drone also comes with a USB slot to add expansions in the future, and an installed computer system, called the Linux OS. It was designed using very light-weight materials. The software of the AR. Drone includes "Augmented Reality Functions" to create that can be played on the system. For example, users can have races outside, or save the world from aliens inside with the virtual reality setting. It also features a multi-player mode in which you can compete with friends or against enemies AR Drones.

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