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Cameras On The AR Drone Helicopters




One of most unique features that the designers implored in this device are the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter Cameras. The two cameras create unparalleled visual angles. Past remote control automated devices have not incurred anything close to the technology that is exhibited in the AR. Drone. The designers of this device wanted to create a type of remote automated machine that was interlinked with the user in a way not seen before. With the Parrot AR. Drone, they achieved what they set out to do.

The first AR. Drone Helicopter camera on the can also be called the "flight camera" because it allows the device to detect speed, altitude, and the rest of the flight controls. It is connected to a "Inertial Measurement Unit" that allows all of the information to be read by the camera. On outside flights, this camera distributes information on different types of turbulence in the environment. While originally designed for military type applications, this technology has transferred into the gaming world.

The AR. Drone Helicopter Camera second camera is located at the front of the device. This is the camera that streamlines a live video feed directly to the users iPod Touch or iPhone screen. This is a wide-angle lens that captures the environment the AR. Drone is in. From here, the user is able to see as if he/she was actually sitting in the cockpit of the quadricopter. This camera is also the one that plays the critical role in the video gaming features.

These two cameras combine to form an unprecedented view of automated piloting. The experience each user gets from every flight undertaken with the AR. Drone is new and exciting. You can fly inside or outside and in windy environments while maintaining complete control because of these two cameras.

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