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AR Drone Helicopter Auto Flight Stabilization




In order to remain stable while flying, the device has been equipped with the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter automatic flight stabilization system. This system does not rely on one particular device, but several pieces. In order to create an efficient product, steps had to be taken to ensure that a slight gust of wind or a slight impact will cause the product to fall from the sky or damage. Due to its light weight, the AR Drone would be pathetically prone to even the slightest gusts of wind, if not for the automatic stabilization on board.

In order to remain stable, the AR Drone Helicopter automatic flight Stabilization works through a variety of the built in devices. The first line of stabilization lies in the flight control camera. By detecting the relative speed and distance from the ground, the on board computer can determine how hard the device must work in order to resist the strain of the wind and other factors. The 3 axes accelerometer and 3 axes gyro will maintain a steady balance for the device's safety, as well as the ultrasound sensor. The built in computer handles enough data flow in order maintain an accurate depiction of the surrounding environs, which will ensure that your entire flight remains stable.

Due to the higher technology of the device, keeping a stable flight is essentially guaranteed. Parrot has gone through great lengths, including many prototypes, to ensure that the device would fly freely, all the while maintaining an accurate flight path. The stability of this device is paralleled only by its ingenuity, both of which are at the height of technological advances in such a small package.

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