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AR Drone Helicopters And The Ipod Touch




In addition to the iPhone, another way to control the Parrot AR. Drone Helicopter is with the iPod Touch. The process is virtually the same as with the iPhone. The AR. Drone has its own WiFi Network, so with the iPod Touch, you simply have to connect, and then pilot as if you were in the cockpit. The iPod Touch also comes with an accelerometer that allows for the remote controlling of a device such as the AR. Drone. The iPod Touch is a less expensive alternative to the iPhone for the user wanting an AR Drone.

The accelerometer on the iPod Touch is the the cornerstone of controlling the AR. Drone. While the movements made with the iPod Touch control maneuvers, the touch buttons on the screen also control features such as altitude and speed. The iPod Touch is able to control the AR. Drone within a 50 meter radius and can fly for up to 15 minutes at a time in between charges. This new advancement takes the innovative gaming universe, and incorporates it into the world of surrounding reality.

The wide-angle camera situated on the front-portion of the AR. Drone, streamlines a live video feed to the iPod Touch, that allows the user to control the movements of the device in real time. Turning the iPod Touch to the right while controlling the AR. Drone would immediately make it go to the right. This has pioneered how remote controlled devices are used. Controlling the AR. Drone Helicopter with the iPod Touch is an economical compliment to that of the iPhone, with many of the same advantages.

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