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Parrot AR Drone Batteries




Like any electronics, the time may come where you need a Parrot AR Drone battery replacement. Being a Lithium Polymer battery, these batteries maintain a charge for a decent amount of time, but do take a little while to charge. They also can die after months, if not years of being used. Regardless, there are several advantages of buying a back up battery or two, especially considering the Parrot AR Drone replacement batteries are cheap. We have found that if you want to have consistent fun, you will have to keep a spare battery or two on hand.

Having more than one battery is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Since the battery life on the AR Drone is only 10-15 minutes long, you will have some serious down time. The down time can range from an hour to an hour and a half, so you will be without your AR Drone Helicopter for an extended period of time. Since you can charge a battery while the other one is being played with, you can effectively cut your downtime by a third. With multiple Parrot AR Drone battery replacements, you will be able to enjoy your fanciful new device for an even longer period of time.

Since each of the parrot AR Drone batteries replacements are so cheap, buying more than one is pretty advisable. You can have a lengthy flight time if you buy several of them, charge them up, and keep them on hand to be played with.

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