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Parrot AR Drone Replacement Propellors




Unfortunately, accidents will happen with your AR Drone, which is why you will want Parrot AR Drone replacement propellers. being a quadricopter, the AR Drone requires four propellers to fly. Breaking one is a pain, as the stability of the device will go down. Being that the Parrot AR Drone Replacement propellers are sold in packs of four, you will be able to fix your propellers fairly cheaply.

It is always a good idea to have a stock of replacement propellers. If you do not have enough on hand, you could face a week or two of down time away from your device. The Parrot AR Drone replacement propellers are very cheap, so we advise that you hang on to at least eight to twelve of them in order to make sure that you do not run out. They are durable, so you should not need more than twelve of them in a life time. Remember that you can even get free shipping on your Parrot AR Drone replacement blades if you order more than $25 worth, so that might not be a bad idea.

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